February 26: Don’t Be Anxious

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February 26: Don’t Be Anxious

People have, it seems, a natural penchant for misplaced emphasis on unimportant things.

They can easily get caught up with what they’re having for dinner or what they will wear. Often it is a tragedy that helps people to refocus on what is really important. What I shall wear is an irrelevant question when I am facing surgery or chemotherapy. What’s for dinner is immaterial to those living through grief or unemployment. In today’s Gospel, Jesus tells us not to worry. He doesn’t say, “Don’t eat. Don’t cook. Don’t buy clothes.” He says, “Don’t worry.” Jesus asks us not to relinquish our responsibilities but to let go of our anxiety. Anxiety betrays a lack of trust and Jesus reminds us that “Your heavenly Father knows” all that you need (Matthew 6:32).