St. Teresa of Avila is blessed to have many dedicated, competent men, women, and children, who generously share the gifts entrusted to them by the Holy Spirit to serve the People of God. When people with particular qualities are matched with the liturgical roles that call for those qualities, the liturgy can speak powerfully to us, moving us to prayer. If you are interested in any of the opportunities listed below contact the parish secretary Barb Walkauskas at or 412.367.9001 and she will connect you with the appropriate coordinator.

Lectors are called to proclaim the Word of God at Mass. A lector is a storyteller, called to speak the words of salvation. This ministry requires above all a strong belief in and devotion to the truth proclaimed in the Scripture. Lectors need a loud, clear voice and should be comfortable speaking to large groups. Following a short orientation training session, Lectors are scheduled on a rotating schedule and typically read at one mass each month. Coordinator: John Flaherty

Altar Server
The primary role of the altar server is to assist the priest in the celebration of the liturgy. Children, fifth grade and above, as well as adults, may become altar servers. Training is required and provided. Coordinator: Roger Kaufold

Ushers provide ministry in a variety of way including: assistance in seating parishioners for Mass, facilitating the offertory collection, making sure that communion flows efficiently, handling medical emergencies during Mass, making sure that communion is brought to the elderly and sick, recruiting parishioners to bring the gifts from the back of the church to the altar, and making sure church bulletins are distributed to parishioners. Coordinator: John Vasalani

Greeters are the warm and friendly folks who greet you as you enter the church doors. They are easily recognizable by their identification badges and great big smiles. All individuals and families are welcome to participate in this wonderful ministry. Coordinator: Rita Morasco

Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion
Extraordinary Ministers assist in the distribution of the Body and Blood of Christ to the church members. Some Extraordinary Ministers also volunteer to give Communion to the homebound or to those in nursing homes. Coordinator: John Flaherty

Sacristans ensure that the adornment and décor of our church to be such as to make it a visible sign of our parish community’s love and adoration toward our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Responsibilities include: ordering all the supplies necessary for any and all liturgical functions, such as hosts, wine and candles; maintaining all liturgical garments, church furnishings, liturgical vessels and decorative objects in good condition. Coordinator: Frank Leja

Wedding Coordinators
The wedding coordinators assist the bride and groom in planning the liturgical celebration of their marriage. They serve at the rehearsal and the wedding to ensure that events go as planned. All stipends received from wedding parties are donated to the parish’s mission in Oaxaca, Mexico. Coordinator: Joan Wersing

Funeral Liturgy Ministry
This ministry serves the families of our deceased parishioners from the funeral home visit through the funeral Mass. It is divided into three groups that work closely with one another.

Lectors: Read at funeral liturgies and carry the cross in the funeral procession. Coordinator: Joan Wersing

Planners: Assist the family of the deceased in planning the funeral liturgy (selecting readings, music, etc.) Coordinator: Barbara Brown

Servers: Adult servers at all funeral liturgies prepare the altar, assist the priest during Mass and clean the altar after the funeral. Coordinator: Carmella Peduto

Rosary: For any deceased members of the parish whose family has requested it, say the rosary at the funeral home. Coordinators: George Staab Jr. and Pauline Mahoney

Arts and Environment Committee
Members plan the Mass of Anointing, when to decorate the church for its various celebrations, obtain the bread that will be blessed for the Thanksgiving liturgy and plan the purchasing of the poinsettias for Christmas. Coordinator: Frank Leja